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National Plan to End Poverty

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National Plan to End Poverty

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National Plan to End Poverty

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National Plan to End Poverty

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National Plan to End Poverty


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How much does it take to get by in your community?

The National Poverty Plan Standards (NPPS) consider local costs of living and more accurately capture economic need than the federal poverty line. The standards are based on 50% of local median income, adjusted for household size.

Mapping the Need

Using NPPS, we estimate that more than 75 million people in the United States are not able to live for a sustained period of time without assistance. In contrast, the U.S. Census Bureau estimates that 34 million Americans live under the official poverty line.

What did you do?

Share your experience with us. How did you act to end poverty? What were the successes and challenges along the way?

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Our most recent newsletter discusses a harmful ‘poverty myth’ – that poverty in this country is not really that bad.

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