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We believe economic stability for all is an achievable goal

The United States’ current approach to poverty is inadequate. We need a greater understanding of what it means to live in poverty, where resources are needed, how to enact workable and effective solutions, and who should take those actions. This plan provides those answers. It harnesses the power of data, action, and connections to challenge the status-quo approach to poverty.

The sections – Learn, Act, Connect – are designed to be used together, with each section informing the other. If it is your first time visiting the National Plan to End Poverty, please take a moment to explore our user guide to get the most out of your experience.


What and where

According to the federal government, 34 million Americans live in poverty. However, official poverty standards do not account for cost of living differences and they do not reflect changes in spending patterns over the past 50 years.

Nearly 82 million Americans do not have enough money to get by without assistance. Learn about (1) our method of identifying economic need, (2) our income standards for counties and how they compare to the federal poverty level, (3) where the need is greatest, and (4) select indicators that will help you refine and target your actions.

Visit our LEARN section.


How and who

Discover how you can act to provide economic stability. The Action Guide provides clear, concrete actions that individuals, businesses, and organizations from all sectors can take to end poverty and work toward economic security.

When you visit the Action Guide you will choose from among 10 sectors and 9 areas of action. Most of us will belong to more than one sector and have more than one area that interests us, opening up many possible ways to engage. Commit to action by taking our Action Pledge and provide valuable feedback to the community about programs and strategies that you have implemented or tried.

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Our Community

The goal of ending poverty is attainable when we work together and learn from each other. Building a community is at the heart of The National Plan to End Poverty, and the Connect section is just the beginning.

Listening to and connecting with families with lived experience is critical to ending poverty. Understanding current on-the-ground needs and resources is also important, ensuring we enhance and innovate rather than reinvent the wheel.

Stories of successful and unsuccessful program implementation will help you refine your actions.

Visit our CONNECT section.


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