The staff and clients of A Wider Circle were instrumental in the initial development of the plan. We would also like to thank the following individuals and organizations for their careful review and thoughtful input on sections of this website. All errors of commission and omission rest with The Shared Humanity Project.

Aggie Alvez
Stella Bartholet
Tiera Bratton
Rachael Buck
Scott Campbell
Jake Crouse
Christina Dropulic
Elizabeth Duncan
Pam Feinstein
Angela Fraser
Rebecca Goldman
Madelyne Grim
Fangyi Gu
Brianna Hanson
Matt Hodgson
Joanne Hurt

Sheryl Israel Bloch
Fran Kelleher
Max Larsen
Pamela Loprest
Lisa Maestas
Aimee Mantell
Wendy McGrane
Erin McCoy
Syd Mintzer
Red Rooster Group
Matthew Rosenstein
Sonia Ruiz-Bolanos
Tim Sprunt
Nina Todd
Vess Studio
Marcia Vogel
Andrew Wyka